8 Revitalizing Wellness Activities in Vancouver

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Sometimes you can get so busy that you must remember to pause and take care of yourself. You need to take time to refuel your body and re-energize your mind to avoid burning out. The Vancouver area offers several opportunities for individuals to experience greater wellness and self-health. Here are a few of the top activities in the area for anyone who wants to improve their mood and well-being. You’ll find this information especially helpful if you’re in the market for Anmore luxury homes or considering relocating to Vancouver. 

1. Take a walk around the city

Vancouver is known for being an easy city to get around on foot. Take a short walk down the street, and you’ll encounter diverse neighborhoods and plenty of dining and shopping options. The city’s downtown area is only two kilometers wide at its widest point. Visitors may not need a car once they arrive at their hotel. The Vancouver Convention Center is only a five-minute walk from the historic Gastown neighborhood. It’s also a 10-minute walk from shopping on Robson Street and 20 minutes from Stanley Park. Not only will you get to your destination quickly, but you’ll feel better once you arrive. 

2. Go sightseeing in nature

Go sightseeing in nature

Many people enjoy visiting the Vancouver seawall while they are in town. There are trails nearby to run or bike ride. Travel further into the park, and you’ll find several forests and greenways along with multiple city parks with plenty of amenities. It’s not hard to find a new hiking trail in the area, or you can head to another of the area’s lakes or creeks. Take a kayak out on the water on English Bay or Kitsilano Beach, or make your way to the North Shore to experience the home of freestyle mountain biking for yourself. 

3. Eat a well-balanced diet

Eat a well-balanced diet

The food scene in Vancouver shows obvious concern for people’s well-being. Some restaurants have menus that only contain plant-based items, and many others make sure to only use organic sustainability-grown ingredients. The drawback is that most menu items are seasonal, but it means that there’s always a delicious new option to try. The Acorn is a local favorite for its all-vegetarian menus. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol on menus while you’re out to determine if you’re dining somewhere with sustainably-sourced choices. 

4. Schedule a spa treatment

Schedule a spa treatment

The most hectic travel schedule can feel more manageable after a spa day. Vancouver has plenty of spas with several different treatments to choose from. Some spas specialize in soothing sore muscles, while other spas provide skin care. First-time visitors to Vancouver may be interested in experiencing an “Only in BC” treatment that utilizes local products like West Coast seaweed along with cedar stream. 

5. Participate in an outdoor yoga class

Participate in an outdoor yoga class

Vancouver residents were among the first adopters of yoga. Lululemon, the popular yoga apparel company, saw its beginnings in Vancouver. You can find plenty of green space in the city to lay down your own mat and stretch out into a few poses. If you would rather join a class, rumor has it that there are over 1,500 yoga classes held each week in Vancouver. You’ll have no trouble finding several local studios regardless of where in town you’re staying or living. 

6. Sign up for a race

Because of the pleasant weather in Vancouver, many races take place in the area throughout the year. One of the most popular runs is the BMO Vancouver Marathon. The event usually takes place in May with a full marathon, a half marathon, and an 8km run. The race course runs past snow-capped mountains and picturesque shorelines. Runners from nearly 60 different countries will travel to Vancouver to participate in the race. Cyclers will want to make plans to participate in the Whistler GranFondo. This event usually takes place in September and attracts nearly 7,000 cyclers. You can choose between a 55km ride, a 122km ride, or a 152km ride. Whatever distance you choose, you’ll pass by mountains and the ocean before crossing the finish line and enjoying a local beer fresh off the tap. 

7. Attend the Wellness Show

For the past 30 years, the annual Wellness Show has provided education and raised awareness about how to help people in Vancouver become their most holistic selves. When you attend the Wellness Show, you’ll have the chance to hear from over 100 speakers and visit close to 250 different exhibits. They schedule various cooking and fitness demonstrations over the course of the two-day conference for the 20,000-plus attendees. They also provide various resources throughout the year so that nobody has to wait until the next conference to build better self-care habits. Visit their website to download new recipes or sign up for their email list. 

8. Visit Evolve Wellness Centre

The Evolve Wellness Centre is located in the Kitsilano neighborhood. You’ll find experienced practitioners who want to help you experience the highest levels of wellness possible. They offer a variety of services, including massages, acupuncture, TCM, and chiropractic procedures. Their practice is led by several doctors, including Dr. Rahim, Dr. Horsting, and Dr. Wood. They each hope to use their healthcare approaches to help their clients experience top levels of health and balance. They provide special chiropractic services for children, athletes, and pregnant women. They also offer counseling services and education around breathing techniques. 

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