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West Vancouver, Canada, is on the west coast of British Columbia, along the Vancouver harbor, and is a part of the larger Vancouver Metro area. It is a coveted community due to its elegant natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by the Cypress Mountains and parks. Residents can enjoy year-round outdoor activity in various weather conditions, including hiking, skiing, and water sports.

If you are planning to list your West Vancouver home for sale, there are ways you can add value, attracting the right buyer for your property. Not all home improvement projects are equitable, so it is crucial to work with real estate professionals to determine what buyers want and what projects will give you a return when you sell your home. The best return on investment home improvements include:

Minor bathroom upgrades

One area of the home that provides significant value and return on investment is the bathroom. Even minor upgrades and remodeling can make a significant impact on potential buyers. This includes updating fixtures, re-grouting tiles, repainting, and upgrading cabinets and countertops. Minor changes are usually cosmetic, leaving the existing layout and updating the aesthetic appeal to appear fresh and new. Cosmetic features often need the most updating because they show daily wear and tear. With a quick makeover, the bathroom can feel remodeled without the extra costs.

Landscaping and yard maintenance

A well-manicured lawn and fresh landscaping make up a home’s curb appeal, which is often responsible for the home’s first impression. The yard can look unkept or plain when it is overrun with weeds or has no plants. As the first impression, it is important to evaluate the front yard and clean the siding, gutters, and sidewalks. You can increase your home’s ROI by planting flowers and trees, trimming bushes, and removing weeds or unwanted plants from your yard. Working with a yard maintenance service can be a valuable investment to ensure your home looks picture-perfect while you are in the selling process. 

While the front yard and entryway are critical for a first impression, the backyard and other outdoor spaces should not be overlooked. Buyers are looking for a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy and entertain guests. You can add landscaping or potted plants around a deck or seating area for more visual appeal.

Minor kitchen remodel

The kitchen is considered by many to be the home’s central gathering place, and as a main attraction, it can be a make-or-break selling point for buyers. Small updates can make a space look different, such as replacing outdated hardware, installing new backsplash, painting or replacing cabinets, and adding new countertops. Adding extra lighting can also make the space feel larger and more inviting. Pendant lighting adds a modern touch and recessed lighting can make a room look more open.

Convert your attic to a bedroom

One overlooked area that can add space and value to your home is the attic. Buyers are always looking to add more living space, an office, or a guest bedroom. Instead of letting the attic gather dust, it can be converted into a bedroom. This not only adds an extra bedroom to your home but also adds square footage, increasing your home’s value. Many people work from home and are interested in a property with potential office space. Marketing your home with an extra bedroom can draw buyers and add to your list price.

Large-scale bathroom renovations

Large-scale bathroom renovations are an excellent way to add value to your West Vancouver home and increase the return on investment. A complete bathroom overhaul can create a luxurious space that potential buyers will love. Some popular large-scale renovations include installing a new shower or tub, adding double sinks or vanities, and updating the flooring and lighting. If the function is an issue in your bathroom or it is too small, extensive renovations can take a bathroom to its base and redesign it with a better flow in mind. You may also be able to add space from a closet to enlarge the bathroom and improve function. Working with a professional contractor is important to ensure the renovation is done right and meets all codes and regulations.

Replace your front door

A new, modern door can make your home pop and stand out from similar homes in the neighborhood. A new front door can also improve the home’s energy efficiency and security, appealing to potential buyers who don’t want to deal with small details and move into an updated home.

Add a deck or patio

Building a deck or patio can provide an excellent outdoor living and entertaining space, making it another smart investment that can boost your home’s value. A well-designed deck or patio can expand your living space without adding a room to your home. In an area like West Vancouver, with so many beautiful mountains and natural spaces, outdoor living is a place to enjoy the views and tranquility.

Energy-efficient windows

Energy efficiency is a selling point for many environmentally conscious buyers who want a move-in ready home. Lower utility costs due to energy-efficient windows are attractive features sellers can invest in to make the property more marketable. Double-paned windows, which help keep your home cooler and warmer in respective seasons, are popular in a city with a changing climate.

Learn more with an experienced real estate agent

You can prepare your home for a successful sale and higher list price by working with a local real estate agent. Experienced real estate professionals have seen hundreds of homes and know what changes and renovations are vital to attracting buyers and adding value to your home. An agent can help you make critical decisions that ensure you see the return on your investment with a seamless and profitable home sale.

Amir Miri is a West Vancouver real estate agent specializing in luxury services for global clients. Amir prioritizes client needs and is an expert negotiator, helping clients seal deals with favorable terms. Reach out to Amir when you’re ready to learn more about how to improve your home for the best ROI!


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