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How We Take Action

The Canadian Cancer Society believes that working with the government and legislators to bring about healthy public policies is a vital part of the fight against cancer. We do this by taking a stand on important cancer issues raising Canadians’ awareness and understanding about these issues influencing the government to pass public policies that will help prevent cancer and help people living with cancer.

Why We Take Action

Our advocacy efforts are based on the Society’s strategic plan, which impacts every aspect of what we do. We take action to: prevent people from getting cancer – for example, by advocating for a ban on indoor tanning for youth under 18 help people with cancer to survive longer – for example, by advocating for the government to increase funding for cancer research improve the quality of life for people living with cancer – for example, by advocating for financial support for caregivers.

Where We Take Action

Our staff and volunteers meet with elected officials from local, provincial, and national governments to persuade them to make the fight against cancer one of their top priorities.
Some issues have multiple advocacy campaigns for different levels of government. For example, we advocate for better tobacco control:
  • Local-level Where we work with communities to push for smoke-free environments in their municipalities
  • Provincial-level – Where we lobby to raise tobacco taxes to discourage consumption
  • National level – Where we fight to regulate the way cigarettes are packaged across the country, by featuring graphic warnings about the health effects of smoking.
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