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Vancouver real estate

Vancouver real estate
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The Vancouver area is filled with luxury and highly coveted real estate. Vancouver and the surrounding areas are drenched with the beautiful natural scenery of British Columbia, including rocky mountain ranges, thick fir forests, and windswept beaches of the Pacific Northwest.
West Vancouver luxury homes feature stunning views of Horseshoe Bay, beautiful parks along the ocean, such as Whytecliff Park, and ancient forests of redwood trees in Cypress Falls Park. Villages within the Vancouver metro area, like Anmore, have easy access to gorgeous hiking and biking trails and a rural feel, making Anmore luxury homes high in demand. North Vancouver is also popular. Set at the base of the North Shore Mountains, North Vancouver is known for extreme hiking and mountain biking and easy access to beautiful, jaw-dropping beaches, such as those in Cates Park.
The Vancouver real estate market is highly competitive and exclusive. In this market, having a quality realtor is essential to finding the perfect listing and negotiating a sale on the home of your dreams. One of the best realtors in the Vancouver area is Amir Miri. Amir is an award-winning luxury specialist that is focused on client satisfaction. With extensive experience in the Vancouver area, Amir Miri can help you find the listing of your dreams. This guide will cover some of the ways that Amir is ready to help you on your Vancouver real estate journey.

Putting clients first

Putting clients first
Amir Miri is a client-focused realtor. His customer service, honesty, and integrity ensure that you are getting the absolute best deal in your real estate transaction. His charming smile and friendly nature showcase the commitment that Amir has to the real estate market and his clients. With an impeccable track record, Amir is known for his flexibility and dedication to going the extra mile for clients.
With an extensive international clientele interested in the luxury market, Amir knows that customer service is everything. He understands the importance of personalization in the real estate process and has helped clients from all backgrounds, from first-time home buyers to property developers. Whatever your personal situation is, Amir is ready to listen and create a plan catered to your needs to find you the perfect property in the Vancouver area.
Amir has a solid background in international customer relations as well. With a dual Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Hotel Management and Tourism from Manchester Metropolitan University and IMI University in Switzerland, Amir has both the expertise and education to understand international business relations. His experience in the luxury scene in Canada, Switzerland, China, Dubai, and Iran help him form relationships with his clients and better understand their needs.

Access to listings

When looking for luxury real estate, it’s important to have a realtor that is well-connected and has access to a variety of listings. Amir Miri has an extensive luxury portfolio with a variety of exclusive and high-end listings. With so much experience in the Vancouver area, Amir either has the perfect listing for you or will be able to help you find it through his many connections. With over 80 sales to date in the Vancouver area, Amir Miri was awarded as the top 1% on the 2021 Medallion Club Report for Realtors in Greater Vancouver. This incredible achievement speaks to Amir’s commitment to sales and his clients.
With so many connections and so much experience, Amir knows the Vancouver luxury market well. He understands which properties are selling and which are not, what features are driving the market, and what people are willing to pay. His international and local connections give Amir the insight to easily navigate a competitive market and find you the best property possible. This type of information is essential for navigating the market and creating the ideal offer for a property.

Negotiation expert

Access to listings
Amir has extensive experience in the real estate field and has handled countless negotiations on luxury properties. Amir’s skill, attention to detail, and language skills make him a negotiation expert, not only in Canada but also in the international market. In a low-inventory, high-demand market, it's essential that your realtor is able to handle negotiations well to get you the best deal. Amir is an expert in negotiating and managing the high-stress environment that comes with multimillion-dollar transactions.
Amir works with high-net-worth clients and understands the particular sensitivities that come with the lifestyle. He is able to negotiate to get his clients the best deal based on considerations such as financial needs, tax requirements, and personal desires for luxury, privacy, and exclusivity.

Vancouver aficionado

Amir has a long history of working in the Vancouver area and understands the ins and outs of the market. Vancouver is one of the best places to live in the world, and the real estate market here reflects that. With intense competition for luxury properties, it’s essential to have a real estate agent on your team that is familiar with the market and has the connections you need to be successful in your real estate goals. Amir Miri is just that. With years of experience working in Vancouver and a long familial lineage of real estate agents, architects and designers, Amir knows how to easily navigate the luxury market.

Luxury expert

Luxury real estate requires a different type of expertise than buying homes in the typical market. Amir Miri has ample experience managing international and local luxury clientele and helping them meet their real estate objectives. Amir has the knowledge and expertise needed to help you buy or sell the luxury property of your dreams.

Amir Miri

Amir Miri is the top-rated luxury real estate agent in the Vancouver area. If you are looking for high-quality customer service with an emphasis on client needs, Amir Miri is the right agent for you. When you are ready to start your real estate transaction, contact Amir Miri to get your journey started the right way.


Ready to work with Vancouver’s leading luxury real estate agent to find your dream home in Vancouver? Amir is happy to discuss with you what you are looking for and how he can help you reach your objectives. On the first call with Amir you are sure to notice his patience, attention to detail expert knowledge and drive to get a deal done. Contact AMIR MIRI Personal Real Estate Corporation now to gain the competitive edge that comes from working with a Top West Vancouver & North Vancouver luxury real estate agent.

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