What Makes a Good Neighbour While Social Distancing

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As COVID-19 pandemic evolving through cities and neighborhoods, we are finding ourselves more closed in our houses, following health authorities’ guidelines of social distancing and personal hygiene to minimize coronavirus spread. However, stay apart does not mean staying alone. More and more, we can find kindness gestures from people to support each other. 
Staying connected to your community and neighbours while respecting the social distancing rules is entirely possible and might help you go through this unprecedented time. 

Check-in With Your Neighbours 

This is a different and rough time for everybody, but the elderly and vulnerable neighbours might be more impacted now. They might face extra challenges to do their daily routines, such as getting groceries and medications. Besides these challenges, they might face more significant mental health issues due to the isolation, being emotionally fragile right now. 
If you have the condition, you can exercise your kindness and make a friendly check-in from time to time with them. Reach out to your neighbours by leaving a note offering some help to do their groceries and drop them at the porch steps. You might make a difference in their lives at this moment. 

Stay Connected 

As we said, stay apart does not mean stay isolate. Take advantage of all technology available for us and get in touch with your family and friends. Do not feel pressure to keep it up every day, instead look for a fine balance to make these connections. 
Now it might also be a great time to connect with your neighbours by joining an online group. Join an online community of neighbours, local parents, so on. You might find a safe place to debrief and share the similar challenges that you are going through. Also, it might be an excellent opportunity to change the topic and talk about other subjects. 

Enjoy Your Home Sweet Home 

Government and Public Health authorities are asking the entire society to stay home to help to flatten the curve and minimize the virus spread. Take advantage of this recommendation, and enjoy your home. We are always complaining that we do not have enough time to enjoy things that make us happy, so now it might be a good opportunity to start doing things that bring you joy as enjoying your home and spending more time with your family. 
To be a good neighbour, while social distancing is still possible. Being patient, resilient, and mindful, you all can go through this hectic time. Embrace the challenge, the difficulties, and the advantages that this time can bring to us and count on Amir Miri, Vancouver’s leading realtor in the luxury market, with many years of experience to help you with any needs during your searching for a new home. 


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