What to Look When Moving into a New Neighborhood

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Having the perfect house to live your best moments with your family and friends is one of the top priorities of many people. In this searching for your ideal home, it is very common people focusing all the attention on the house details and neglecting the neighborhood aspects, which can become a headache in the long run. 

Besides looking for all the features that your dream house should have, remember to consider some aspects of the neighborhood as well. You can also have the guidance of an experienced and skilled realtor who might be very helpful when it comes to knowing the area of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Vancouver, showing all the advantages and challenges of each one. 


Pay attention to the neighborhood and observe how is the routine there, for example: What kind of people live there? Big families with kids and pets, newlywed couples, senior couples, single people. People living there will give a great idea of how the routine might be if it’s a quiet place or livid. 

Also, observe the traffic movement and signs. Are the streets well signed with visible traffic signs, crosswalks, and speed limits? All this information will help you to have an idea if it is a safe place to do your morning run or play with your kids in the playground with safety. 

Neighborhood Daily Dynamic

By having all the essential stores nearby your home, it might affect your life quality once you can avoid travels to do your grocery, wasting time and money. Observe if there are some commercial options next to your potential home, such as a small grocery shop, drugstore, dollar store, some food options. 

Easy access to stores to do your errands on a regular basis is key to keeping your stress level low as you also avoid spending extra money on gas. 

Another point to observe is public transportation options. Even though you commute to your work or children's schools in your car, it is important to have some options to move around the city. Observe the traffic as well. Is it easy to commute to your work or you might face hours wasted on the traffic jam? There is nothing more frustrating than waste time stuck in the traffic jam. 

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