Why is it Important to do a Final Check Before Closing the Deal?

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Buying or selling a home can be a back and forth process as the negotiation goes along, dealing with price, repairs, and final details. It is exactly this final lap that requires even more attention and the support of a highly skilled realtor to walk through every single detail to ensure you the best deal and your dream house.

The Importance of a Final Walkthrough

Homebuyers have the option to do a final walkthrough in the house to check if all the repairs are concluded as discussed and if the house is ready for the closing. It is common to find buyers tired at this point, and do not paying so much attention, want to close the deal as soon as possible.

However, it is crucial to do the final check once you make the deal, it is not possible to chase after the seller for additional expenses which will be charged from your own pocket.

What To Check

The final walkthrough is your last chance to check all the repairs dealt with in the primary stages of the negotiation and find any other inconvenience that you should be aware of before closing the deal. From squeaky doors to leaking problems, this is the time to tackle them and ensure a smooth move-in to your dream house.

Open and close all doors and windows in the house, checking for any sticky or creaky problems. Usually, they are easy to fix, and you can rest assured that everything is working properly.

Remember to check the heating and air conditioning systems during this final check. You do not want to wait until the next winter or summer to find out that there are issues with your dream house. Make sure to test them and ensure that it is working safely and properly.

On this check, also remember to check all the faucets and plumbing, making sure that there is no leak or malfunction. Open and run the hot and cold water in the kitchen and bathroom. Also, remember any other water access outside the house and test them as well.

Final Walk-Through with Your Realtor – Amir Miri

The final round check is worth your effort and time to go through every single room and testing all possible systems. Also, rely on an experienced and truthful realtor to ensure your home buying a lifetime accomplishment. Contact Amir Miri, Vancouver’s leading realtor in the luxury market, at (604) 657-5030 or send an email to [email protected].


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