Why You Should Never Skip the Home Inspection

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It’s common for buyers bidding in a competitive market to forgo steps like the home inspection process to make their offers more desirable; however, skipping out on a home inspection can cause serious financial burdens and lingering stress impacting the quality of life in a new home. Home inspections can also provide valuable, unbiased information for future planning, as well as leverage for negotiations with a seller. Below is everything you need to know about why home inspections are so valuable.

Reveals problems

The most important part of a home inspection is that it can reveal problems invisible to a normal homeowner, buyer, or agent. Home inspectors know how to look past a fresh coat of paint or the cosmetics of a property to spot problems with a leaky ceiling, unstable structure or foundation, and more. Also, they’ll enter areas that don’t get regular use, but that may still be exhibiting signs of issues, such as attics, basements, and small crawl spaces.

Those searching for Anmore, BC, homes for sale may uncover common problems related to plumbing, electrical systems, and more. Especially in older homes, outdated materials used in pipes or improper upgrades to electrical systems can cause safety concerns. Other common problems with Vancouver homes include roofing issues, the use of lead or asbestos in walls and roof cladding, and foundational problems due to soil erosion.

Ensures safety and legality

Additionally, the problems uncovered may reveal serious safety concerns or illegalities. A buyer or seller won’t have the expertise to spot problems such as mold or pest infestations which may be in hard-to-reach areas. Only an inspector will have the tools to detect other invisible hazards like radon or carbon monoxide. A home inspector will also search for issues like fire hazards, structural problems, and more.

A home inspection may also reveal illegalities in a home’s construction, such as an extra room, altered garages or basements, and more. Although a buyer may not be responsible for constructing an illegal addition, once they close on a property, it becomes their financial responsibility to fix it. Not checking for illegalities can create additional hurdles related to homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, and home value.

Negotiation leverage

Those buying Coal Harbour real estate who get a home inspection are often equipped with valuable negotiation leverage. If large repairs do arise, a contingency related to a home inspection can give buyers the space to back out of an offer. This protects a buyer’s ability to make a home purchase that they can be satisfied with long term and doesn’t negatively impact their quality of life.

For those who are still interested in the property after the home inspection is completed, any repairs needed will provide leverage to propose counteroffers like a lower price, a different closing schedule, and more. A buyer may ask for help with closing costs or require the seller to make the needed repairs before closing on the home transaction. Whatever the negotiations may be, buyers can benefit from bad news that arises from an inspection.

Future planning

The issues revealed in a home inspection aren’t always deal breakers for buyers. Other perks of the area, like Coal Harbour’s proximity to the largest park in Vancouver, Stanley Park, The Vancouver Seawall, and other prime shopping and restaurants, may motivate buyers to purchase a property. For places like Anmore, community perks like Spirit Park and integrated park and trail systems, as well as spacious homes immersed in nature, provide ample reason to live in the village despite property problems.

With the knowledge of what needs to be completed, buyers can make an informed decision when buying Anmore, BC, homes, equipping them with valuable foresight and time to plan out what projects to complete and when. Rather than unexpected issues becoming unmanageable hurdles, buyers can schedule known repairs to align with their plans, allowing them to enjoy the property.

Unbiased information

Home inspections provide unbiased information about a home, which helps buyers make an informed purchase. As one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime, knowing as much as possible about a property can only be beneficial. When a home inspection is scheduled, buyers can shadow inspectors, taking notes and asking questions. At the end of the inspection, professionals will provide an oral summary, then send official documentation of what was found.

As a home inspector is independently contracted, they have no vested interest in making a home look better or worse than it is. Additionally, inspectors can provide information on how to maintain the property in the future. Even if no serious problems are revealed in an inspection, a buyer can use the information to better understand what will need to be updated in the future without the worry that something may break at any moment.

Don’t forget to inspect

There are several reasons to never skip the home inspection, from uncovering what a normal home buyer or seller can’t detect to providing serious negotiation power when making an offer and the peace of mind that comes with an unbiased view of a property. Although a home inspection can reveal problems with a home, they aren’t always dealbreakers. When you’re ready to start your search for properties in the area, contact local agent Amir Miri to guide you through the process.


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