North Vancouver Luxury Real Estate

With its exquisite West Coast Style and luxurious amenities, North Vancouver has some of the most exquisite homes in British Columbia.

Why You'll Love Living in a North Vancouver Luxury Home

  • North Vancouver's location is unlike any other because of its breathtaking natural environment

  • With its iconic West Coast style, North Vancouver is regarded as a forerunner of the modernist movement

  • North Vancouver is among the priciest neighborhoods in British Columbia, with charming homes and interiors

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North Vancouver Luxury Lifestyle

Since North Vancouver is an expensive place to live, it attracts wealthy sellers and buyers. Residents are drawn not just by the lavish homes but also by the excellent life quality and the picturesque surroundings. The pleasant climate, woody mountains, and beach make up the stunning backdrop for North Vancouver homes.

Buying a North Vancouver home means getting a dwelling place in a serene, lush, greenery-filled setting with incredible scenic views just outside your door. You can easily access everything from your home, from world-class shopping to an elegant entertainment and dining scene.

Although you spend a fortune on a home, the cost will almost always appreciate over time, earning you a profit when you sell.

North Vancouver Luxury Home Amenities

North Vancouver homes have unrivaled amenities, from heated pools to home theaters and over 20 car garages. Well-known architects designed most of these classic homes, some of which are on the beachfront. The waterfront homes allow residents to enjoy panoramic views of the forests and water through full-length glass walls. 

Most lavish amenities in North Vancouver deluxe homes revolve around blending architecture into the natural environment. These homes typically have open floor plans and create large, open, airy spaces using natural light.

Luxury homes in North Vancouver are truly one-of-a-kind, with features you might not see elsewhere. Contact Amir Miri, PREC*, and his team of North Vancouver real estate agents and realtors to sell and find West Vancouver condos, houses, and luxury homes for sale.

North Vancouver Luxury Home Architecture

The iconic West Coast Style is the predominant architecture in North Vancouver luxury homes built around 1940 to 1970s. Because of the irregular and rocky foundation and other challenges on Vancouver's building sites, builders and contractors had to be creative. They came up with a unique approach that the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada soon recognized as a forerunner in modernist architecture.

Some of the modern movement's forefathers include Ned Pratt, Arthur Erickson, Fred Hollingsworth, and B.C. Binning. These architects got inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright's work and Japanese open space plans.

The builders used open-plan designs and complex geometric features to combine rooms and create distinct details that complemented the area's natural features. Natural light was an integral part of the design, with the use of glass for windows and skylights. 

The typical design elements of the West Coast Style include the following: 

  • integration of spaces and nature

  • extensive glazing

  • open floor plans

  • skylights

  • structural features with exposed timber 

  • canted roofs

  • beam and posts construction 

North Vancouver remains committed to safeguarding the West Coast Style's legacy by using this unique design over the years. The homes from the past century have a heritage value, with their distinctive architectural design, while new homes have eclectic styles. One thing that remains constant is the assimilation of spaces into the natural environment.

Modern luxury homes also incorporate historic elements like natural materials, such as stone and wood. Many of them feature glass roofing and manicured terraces.

North Vancouver Luxury Home Notable Listings

Amir Miri has helped in transactions of some of the most distinguished luxury homes in Vancouver. High-end clients from across the world trust him to help them get the best deal when buying and selling a home in North Vancouver.

Get a peek into Amir's impressive catalog here. These transactions include luxury homes with all the elegant amenities you desire, ranging from smart home automation features to infinity-edge pools.

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